​​​​​Finestone Stucco System

Finestone Stucco is a non-insulated, impact and puncture resistant, cement plaster stucco system.​​



​Utilize StuccoBase or StuccoBase Premix

​Can be used in a one- or two-coat application, speeds application, reduces labor cost

​Pre-blended mixture

​Reduces job-site mixing; more consistent product

​Fiber-reinforced formula

​Strengthens crack resistance

​3/8–7/8 inch thickness

​Impact and puncture resistance

​100% Acrylic finish coats

​Resist fading and abrasion, offer options for added dirt / mildew resistance


Use in new or retrofit commercial, institutional and residential low-rise construction such as hotels, hospitals, retail centers, schools, multi-family apartments and condominiums, and government facilities.

Finestone Stucco Wall System Overview

Finestone Stucco Wall System Overview

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