​St. Augustine Lighthouse & Light Keepers House

The St. Augustine Lighthouse and Light Keepers House are two architectural landmarks in the United States' oldest city.

Constructed in 1874 to replace a 300 year old tower which succumbed to the sea during a pounding storm, the St. Augustine Lighthouse is an icon of our nation’s oldest port. The existing tower and light keepers house, which was built a few years later, have had to endure years of weathering from storms at the coastline. After the inlet was moved in the late 1940’s the landmarks became better protected from the churning seas but still have had to endure nearly 150 years of wind and rain. In this time, the two buildings have been part of numerous restoration projects. Most recently, the two buildings were experiencing flaking of the paint, as well as, dirt and mildew on the North elevations.

BASF Tersus Color Coat was specified to recoat the “candy striping”, the base and the house adjacent to Oldest City’s architectural landmark. The applicator prepared the substrate by using a low pressure washer to remove existing soiling. Any loose material or damaged areas were removed and repaired. “We are extremely happy with the performance of BASF’s Tersus Color Coat,” stated Roberto Ortiz, Director of Facilities at the St. Augustine Lighthouse & Maritime Museum. “I wish I could paint (coat) everything with your product,” stated David Popp, Site Maintenance Technician.

The BASF Tersus Color Coat performed (and is still performing) as expected. It is providing excellent water repellency, enhanced resistance to environmental soiling, and has become more resistant to mold and mildew. Rain water continues to bead and carry away dirt in its path. BASF provided a solution which has reduced maintenance costs and extended the buildings’ aesthetic appeal.

​Project Summary

St. Augustine, FL

Kenneth Smith

Razorback, LLC

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Coastal Construction Products

Project Spotlight - St. Augustine Lighthouse & Light Keepers House Teaser Image

Project Spotlight - St. Augustine Lighthouse & Light Keepers House

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