STUCCOBOND is a surface applied bonding agent for FINESTONE STUCCOBASE, FINESTONE STUCCOBASE PREMIX and field-mixed stucco bases.

​Tinted light green
Facilitates coverage​
​Cement stable
​Effective as a primer
Applies easily with brush, roller, sprayer​​Fast and efficient application
Low odor, low toxicity, VOC compliant
​Environmentally safe; easy clean up with water


STUCCOBOND is a surface-applied bonding agent designed for use over concrete, masonry and stucco.


3.79 L (1-gallon) pails and 18.93 L (5-gallon) pails


Coverage varies depending upon surface conditions and application technique.

Typically 3.79 L (1-gallon) of undiluted StuccoBond covers approximately 9.29 - 18.58 m² (100–200 ft²), depending on substrate porosity.

18.93 L (5-gallons) of undiluted StuccoBond covers 46.45 - 92.9 m² (500 - 1000 ft²), depending upon substrate porosity.

StuccoBond Product Bulletin

StuccoBond Product Bulletin