​​​​​​​​​PermaLath 1000

PermaLath 1000PermaLath 1000 is a rust proof, easy to handle alternative to metal lath for use with StuccoBase by BASF Wall Systems or with field mix exterior cement plaster conforming to ASTM C926 at a minimum thickness of 3/4” in. “scratch and brown” applications.




​Will not rust

​Pliable, with no sharp edges

​Easier and safer to handle and cut


​Can be applied vertically or horizontally

​Wide rolls

​Fewer overlaps required to give better coverage

​Packaged in light-weight rolls

​Application time / labor savings

​Alkali resistant

​Long term durability and performance

​Three-dimensional profile

​Self-furring; excellent mechanical key using traditional fastening procedures


  • PERMALATH 1000 is a component of a 1/2" to 3/4” thick cementitious exterior wall coating application of exterior Portland cement plaster (traditional stucco) application that provides keying and continuous reinforcement for stucco used on vertical wall applications with solid backing.

  • PERMALATH 1000 may also be used as a mortar base for light-weight veneer facing products such as precast stone veneer. It is not for use on soffits or open framing.
    Note: PermaLath 1000 may also be used with  StuccoBase by BASF Wall Systems or other cementitious exterior wall coatings manufactured in accordance with ICC-ES AC-11 at a thickness of 1/2”.


39" x 150 lineal feet roll in poly bag; 14 kg (31 lbs) per roll.


45.2 m² (487.5 ft²)