Tinted Primer

Tinted Primer

TINTED PRIMER is a 100% acrylic-based primer that helps alleviate shadowing and enhances performance of the Finestone Wall Systems.

For optimum results, TINTED PRIMER should closely match the color of the selected Finestone Finish.

​Reduces suction by cement base coats and cementitious substrates
​Improves workability of finish coat application
​Tinted to finish color; available in Finestone’s standard colors and a wide variety of custom colors
​Creates better final appearance, alleviates shadowing of light-colored, rilled finishes
​Improves water resistance of the wall
​Reduces chances of efflorescence in stucco and other cementitious substrates


  • TINTED PRIMER improves the appearance and performance of all Finestone Finishes. It is a required products when using Finestone SPECIALTY FINISHES.

  • TINTED PRIMER is also used when preparing substrates such as poured concrete, unit masonry, conventional stucco (brown coat), veneer plaster, or gypsum wall board (interior only) prior to application of Finestone Finish Coat.


24.9 kg per 19-liter pail
(55 lbs per 5-gallon pail)


Coverage varies depending upon porosity and condition of surface.

Approximate coverage rate:
69.6–116.1 m² (750–1,250 ft²) per pail.

Tinted Primer Product Bulletin

Tinted Primer Product Bulletin

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