Metallic Top Coat

Metallic Top CoatBASF Metallic Top Coat is a fade-resistant, 100% acrylic coating with metalescent pigmentation. It can be used to create a variety of metallic colors and appearances.


  1. Spray BASF Metallic Top Coat onto substrates prepared with BASF Leveling Skimcoat to create a smooth, metal panel appearance.

  2. BASF Metallic Top Coat can also be applied over Finestone Textured Finishes.

  3. Can be used in exterior and interior applications.


40 lbs per 5-gallon pail (18 kg per 19 L pail)


Two coats: 550 ft²
(51 m²) per pail

Three coats: 400 ft²
(37 m²) per pail


Available in standard and custom colors.

Finestone Metallic Top Coat Product Bulletin

Finestone Metallic Top Coat Product Bulletin

To achieve the look of a smooth, metallic panel

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