Aggrelastic Finish​

Factory-mixed, 100% acrylic-based, textured elastomeric stucco finishes that provide excellent flexibility and  weatherability, and resist mildew growth. They are excellent finishes for stucco repair.
AGGRELASTIC Finishes are available in FINETEX, LIMESTONE, MOJAVE, and NATURAL SWIRL Finish textures.

​Bridges and seals non-moving hairline cracks up to 1/32"
​A component of a stucco repair system on the basis of its protective characteristics
​100% Acrylic polymer chemistry
​Long-term durability and weather resistance
​Integral color
​Reduced maintenance and recoating
​Weather resistant
​Repels water and resists wind-driven rain
​High UV resistance
​Resists fading
​Abrasion resistant
​Doesn't blister, peel or flake


AGGRELASTIC FINISH is primarily intended for use as a coating over non-textured exterior wall surfaces such as cured stucco, concrete and unit masonry.

AGGRELASTIC FINISH can also be used to provide an aesthetically pleasing surface color and texture for poured concrete or unit masonry, Finescreen Cement-Board Stucco System, Fineston Stucco Wall Systems, conventional stucco, all Finestone Surfacing Systems and certain insulating concrete forms.


31.7 kg per 19-liter pail

(70 lbs per 5-gallon pail)


Coverage rates may vary depending on the coating texture, porosity of substrate and application techniques Coverages shown are approximate.

Natural Swirl Finish:
12.0 m² -12.6m²
(130 - 140 ft²) per pail

Limestone Finish:
13.0-13.5 m²
(140 - 150 ft²) per pail

Mojave Finish:
10.7–11.6 m²
(115 - 125 ft²) per pail

Finetex Finish:
Varies depending on free-form application

Colors & Textures

Available in Finestone's standard colors and custom colors, in NATURAL SWIRL, LIMESTONE, MOJAVE, and FINETEX Finishes.

Aggrelastic Finish Product Bulletin

Aggrelastic Finish Product Bulletin

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