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    Pebbletex Rough Swirl Finish

    Factory-mixed, 100% acrylic polymer finish coat. Available in Finestone’s standard colors and custom colors. ROUGH SWIRL Finish has a heavy “worm-holed” appearance which is achieved by the random aggregate sizes in the finish. The “worm-holed” look can be circular, random, vertical or horizontal. (ROUGH SWIRL Finish is similar to Finestone’s NATURAL SWIRL Finish, except for the larger aggregate which creates a larger “worm-holed” texture.)

    ​100% Acrylic polymer chemistry
    ​Long-term durability and weather resistance
    ​Integral color
    ​Reduced maintenance and recoating
    ​Weather resistant
    ​Repels water and resists wind-driven rain
    ​Seals existing, non-moving hairline cracks
    ​Doesn't blister, peel or flake


    ROUGH SWIRL Finish provides an aesthetically pleasing surface color and texture for the Finestone Wall Systems.

    Can also be utilized as a textured finish for poured concrete or unit masonry, conventional stucco, Finestone Stucco Wall Systems, Finescreen Wall Systems, certain insulating concrete forms, and interior veneer plaster or gypsum wallboard.


    31.7 kg per 19-liter pail

    (70 lbs per 5-gallon pail)


    (Approximate) 8.3 m² (90 ft²) per pail


    Available in a wide variety of standard and custom colors

    Rough Swirl Finish Product Bulletin

    Rough Swirl Finish Product Bulletin

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