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    ​Quick Corner 6

    QUICK CORNER 6 is a premanufactured corner reinforcement designed for use with BASF Wall Systems fluid-applied air/water-resistive barrier products.


    ​One-piece coverage of window corner
    ​Consistent moisture protection
    ​Conforms to out-of-square openings
    ​Fast, easy, reliable application
    ​Package dispenses like facial tissue
    ​Convenience and speed of application
    ​ICC-ES AC 148 compliant
    ​Meets building code requirements
    ​Designed for commercial window sizes
    ​Provides air barrier continuity


    QUICK CORNER 6 can be used to reinforce the corners of rough openings as part of a flexible flashing system. Rough openings treated with QUICK CORNER 6 and approved BASF Wall Systems’ products can be integrated into a seamless air/water-resistive barrier and flexible flashing system.

    Quick Corner 6 Product Bulletin Teaser Image

    Quick Corner 6 Product Bulletin