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    Finestone offers a variety of finish options to create the look and feel you want. Choose from a robust collection of factory-mixed, 100% acrylic polymer finishes, available in Finestone’s standard and specialty finishes. ​Finestone​​​​'s finishes deliver long-term durability and weather resistance.​​​​​​​​​​​

    ​Sta​ndard Textures

    Limestone Finish

    Limestone Finish (F1.0)

    Limestone Finish utilizes uniformly-sized aggregates for a uniform, fine texture.

    Finetex Finish

    Finetex Finish (T0.5)

    Finetex Finish can achieve a wide variety of free-formed, textured appearances, including stipple and skip-trowel.

    Mojave Finish

    Mojave Finish (M1.5)

    Mojave Finish provides a uniform, “pebble” appearance.

    Natural Swirl Finish

    Natural Swirl Finish (R1.5)

    Natural Swirl Finish has a medium “worm-holed” appearance which is achieved by the random aggregate sizes in the finish. The “worm-holed” look can be circular, random, vertical or horizontal.

    ​Sto​ne Textures

    Alumina Finish

    Alumina Finish

    Alumina Finish is a factory-mixed, reflective stone finish consisting of colored aggregate and large black mica flakes in a 100% acrylic transparent binder.

    Limestone Rendering

    Limestone Rendering

    Limestone Rendering is a finish technique utilizing two textured acrylic finishes to create the look of limestone in a lightweight, easily installed architectural wall finish.

    ​Specialty Textures

    Wood Grain Effect Teaser Image

    Wood Grain Effect

    Create the authentic look of wood grain panels with the Wood Grain Effect, a specialty finish technique utilizing Pebbletex Finetex Finish – Wood Grain Effect Neutral Gray and two Color Coat finishes.

    Chroma Finish

    Chroma Finish

    Add a pop of color with Chroma Finish. Easily integrate a variety of vibrant colors into your design with this high-performance, fade-resistant finish.

    Ultra Smooth Finish

    Ultra Smooth Finish

    Ultra Smooth Finish is a factory-mixed, 100% acrylic polymer finish coat. Ultra Smooth Finish​ utilizes a uniformly-sized particle distribution for an ultra smooth texture.

    Encausto Verona Rendering

    Encausto Verona Rendering

    Achieve a mottled look and unlimited tone-on-tone designs by combining multiple colors with Encausto Verona.

    Metallic Finish

    Metallic Finish

    Metallic Finish is a 100% acrylic trowel-grade textured finish. It features an optimized combination of aggre​​​gates and metalescent pigments that create the visual appeal of metal.